Cre8ur & The Owner

My name is Ashley Bowman, owner of Cre8ur Studios, a shared workspace with a focus on the digital media arts. Located in the parkland neighborhood on 32nd and Garland, Cre8ur Studios strives to provide a safe place for entrepreneurs and creatives to produce and develop original media content. We offer a full-service production studio for content creators including a podcast station (with equipment) and a photography/ videography studio.


Along with its full production studio, Cre8ur Studios takes pride in producing its own media content: Cre8ur Magazine and Quarantine Kickback. Cre8ur Magazine is devoted to highlighting black luxury, upwardly mobile black millennials, and their passion for moving back to West Louisville (inner cities) and reclaiming our communities. Quarantine Kickback, a live interactive series is developed to connect with the everyday woman. Our mission is to assist in developing businesses in our communities by providing them with a space to create. Our overall goal is to encourage upwardly mobile Louisvillians to move their residences and businesses West to stimulate economic growth in our neighborhoods.

908 S 32nd St
Louisville, Ky 40211





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